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Crm Studio work


Crm Studiowas born in 2012 from the idea ofEmmanuel Danieli, sound engineer born in 1988, characterized by a great passion for everything related to audio and video.

The studio mainly deals withmixing and mastering, taking care of the artists' productions from recording to finalization.

More and more often, there is the need to accompany the audiovideo productionsthat are able to enhance the artist's artistic message. Here too Crm Studio achieves very good results.

Emanuele, in the space of 10 years (2008 -2018), achieves theAcademic Diploma in Multimedia Arts(academy of fine arts), and yesdegree in conservatory as Sound Technician. From 2010 to 2019 it sounds likeguitaristin various formations, while in 2020 he began his career asContent creatorlanding upYouTube.

Over the years, in addition to studio activity, he has participated in numerous events such aslive sound engineer(stage and hall) with variousaudio service. In assets it counts approx200 dates having worked with names likeNek, Formula 3, master Gianni Mazzaand others



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