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with Emanuele Danieli, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

How the service works

Over the years I have learned many things about what I do, I have also understood thatteach it is a very beautiful and rewarding practice. This is why I decided to make all my experience available to those who want to learnmix Andburn to disc their music independently and professionally.


This serviceOne To One will allow you to get in touch with me directly, see how I mix and master during my sessions, ask all the questions you want and discover mytechniques and mineworkflow.


My intent will be to provide you with all the informationnecessary to speed up yours working method and get you there in a short timeprofessional results

Method of execution

Thelessons will take place completelyonline through the use of acompletely free software. "Muses" is a platform capable of transmitting high-quality DAW audio and making video calls in real time. This is the download link

If necessary, I will help you set everything up the first time so you can proceed smoothly during the One To One lesson.

You can also use the free “Muse” software to share the audio from your DAW for me to hearyour session mix and receive a feedback about howimprove it.

Terms of payment

The price of One To One lessons is €25  for 1 hour. Sessions must last at least one hour (excluding technical setup time)

Thepayment is in advance, and can be run awaywire transfer or awayPayPal

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You will be contacted as soon as possible

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