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Crm Studio Boasts a professionally treated environment with acoustics that meet ITU/EBU standards (30/20000Hz + or - 5dB). The studio returns an extremely controlled frequency response with precise bass and a very controlled reverberation time (about 100ms at 1000Hz). Listening is done with Bowers & Wilkins Cm9 satellites and with a 30 cm Focal sw800 subwoofer, returning a practically full-range flat listening experience. To refine listening, a stand-alone software correction managed by Dirac Live Studio is implemented in the system, reaching extremely competitive quality levels. The first choice analogue-digital equipment allows the studio to achieve excellent quality results in mixes and masters

You listen

- B&W cm9

- Avantone Mix Cube

- Sundara Hifiman (headphone)

- Monolith m1070 (headset)

Sound cards

-RME Fireface 802

-RME Fireface 400


- Elysia Xpressor 500 series


-IGS Rubber Bands Mastering EQ

- EFT p300 (vintage equalizer)


- ArtPro MPA 2 (tube stereo preamp)

- 2 Gap 73 MK2

- n.2 Ada8000 (mod)


-Audio Technica AT4050

- Octava MK 012

- n.4 Shure sm57

- AKG d112



I study

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